These Bylaws provide for the governance of the Northpoint at Maple Centre Homeowners Association (“Association”), a corporation organized under the Washington Nonprofit Miscellaneous and Mutual Corporations Act, chapter RCW 24.06 (“Nonprofit Act”), to be the Owners’ association for Northpoint at Maple Centre (the “Community”), created pursuant to the Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act, chapter 64.90 RCW (“Act”) and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Community, recorded in King County, Washington, as it may from time to time be amended (“Declaration”). Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined have the meaning given to them in the Declaration.
Section 1.1 Membership.
Section 1.2 Number of Votes.
Section 1.3 Association-Owned Units.
Section 1.4 Persons Under Disability.
Section 1.5 Voting Representative.
Section 1.6 Votes Pledge to a Mortgagee.
Section 1.7 Register of Members.
Section 1.8 Manner of Voting.
Section 1.9 Voting at a Meeting.
Section 1.10 Voting by Multiple Owners at a Meeting.
Section 1.11 Voting by Absentee Ballot at a Meeting.
Section 1.12 Voting by Proxy; Pledged Votes to Mortgagee.
Section 1.13 Voting Without a Meeting.
Section 1.14 Voting by Lessees.
Section 1.15 Manner of Acting.
Section 2.1 Place.
Section 2.2 Annual Meeting.
Section 2.3 Budget Meeting.
Section 2.4 Special Meetings.
Section 2.5 Notice of Meetings.
Section 2.6 Quorum.
Section 2.7 Adjournment of Meetings.
Section 2.8 Order of Business.
Section 2.9 Parliamentary Authority.
Section 2.10 Action of Members by Communications Equipment.
Section 2.11 Presumption of Assent.
Section 2.12 Minutes.
Section 3.1 Number.
Section 3.2 Term.
Section 3.3 Qualifications.
Section 3.4 Vacancies.
Section 3.5 Removal of Directors and Officers by Owners.
Section 3.6 Removal of Directors and Officers by the Board. 
Section 3.7 Compensation.
Section 3.8 Organization Meeting.
Section 3.9 Board Meetings During Declarant Control.
Section 3.10 Board Meetings After Declarant Control.
Section 3.11 Notice of Board Meetings.
Section 3.12 Waiver of Notice.
Section 3.13 Quorum.
Section 3.14 Voting by Proxy or Ballot. 
Section 3.15 Presumption of Assent.
Section 3.16 Board Packets. 
Section 3.17 Open Meetings.
Section 3.18 Executive Sessions.
Section 3.19 Participation by Communications Equipment.
Section 3.20 Meetings by Communications Equipment.
Section 3.21 Board Action by Written Consent.
Section 3.22 Minutes.
Section 3.23 Duties of Directors.
Section 4.1 Designation.
Section 4.2 Election of Officers. 
Section 4.3 Removal of Officers. 
Section 4.4 President. 
Section 4.5 Vice President.
Section 4.6 Secretary. 
Section 4.7 Treasurer.
Section 4.8 Other Officers and Employees.
Section 4.9 Compensation.
Section 4.10 Vacancies.
Section 5.1 Committees of Directors.
Section 5.2 Limitation on Committees.
Section 6.1 Accounts.
Section 6.2 Working Capital Account.
Section 6.3 Replacement Reserve Account.
Section 6.4 Deposit or Investment of Funds.
Section 7.1 Fiscal Year.
Section 7.2 Contracts.
Section 7.3 Checks, Drafts, Etc.
Section 7.4 Books and Records.
Section 7.5 Copies of Resolutions. 
Section 7.6 A Director’s Inspection Rights.
Section 7.7 Right to Copy and Make Extracts.
These Bylaws may only be amended as set forth in the Declaration.
Section 8.1 These By-Laws may be amended only with written approval of a majority of the Board of Directors. Any Amendment will be signed by the approving Directors and copies delivered to all members within thirty (30) days of adoption.
Section 8.2 In the case of any conflict between the Articles of Incorporation and these Bylaws, the Articles shall control; and in the case of any conflict between the Declaration and these Bylaws, the Declaration shall control; and in the case of any conflict between the Articles of Incorporation and the Declaration, the Declaration shall control.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF we, all being the Directors of Northpoint at Maple Centre Homeowners Association have hereunto set our hands this 29th day of November, 2018.
I, the undersigned do hereby certify that I am the duly elected and acting Secretary of Northpoint at Maple Centre Homeowners Association; the foregoing By-Laws constitute the original By-Laws of said Association as adopted at a meeting of the Directors hereof.
I hereby certify that the foregoing Bylaws were duly adopted by the directors of the Association by unanimous consent on 29th day of November, 2018.